Monday, 13 June 2016

12.03.2016 & 13.03.2016 Life camp @ Knh Boys home,Pasumalai

Our team conducted a two day life camp for KnH boys home,pasumalai in association with an non-profit organisation called Oasis,who work on character education and youth development activities.The camp was facilitated by Mrs.Ahalya ( Ahalya Desikan ). About 50 kids participated enthusiastically and enjoyed the learning process.

23.01.2016 Zeal2Heal Anniversary celebrations

Here we go....celebrations are always not lavish..and the best celebration was never filled with money but memories and happiness with very simple acts..yes our 4th anniversary celebration with Bethany children's home kids..we played games with them and spent time chatting with them..We also distributed apples and oranges.Happy and healthy celebration ever..The way time flew away was very surprising..and you could see happiness in all our faces..what a day..

21.07.2015 TRYSHADES 2015

As expected TRYSHADES-2015 was more special with Bethany and Knh boys home kids and also we had some school friends who attended the event.The event began at 9.30 welcoming the participants and talking to them.Then drawing event started at 10 am while all the participants were very excited to draw and paint.They all had their colors ready.We distributed the chart and disclosed the topics(a)Beauty b)Celebration and c)Independence). As this event was not to compete but to share the joy of Art between the young Artists we broke all rules from being seated alone to sticking to topic.All the children had the freedom to talk,share and team up.
The event duration was 2.5 hrs followed by prize distribution,Art kit distribution and lunch.
No Strict rules,No Guest,No speeches and full fun and Joy.
You never know how much pleasure and satisfaction it would give to do things in a simple way.We would cherish TRYSHADES-2015 moments forever than so many organised and perfect events as it gave us the ultimate joy and helped create smiles and memories.

29.06.2015 Notebook Donation drive 2015 for Knh boys home,pasumalai

Collecting 200 notebooks in a short span is not such a easy task,but we made it just because of our supporters who came forward to help at the right time.Thanks a lot for proving our strength once again.Its your support that keeps Zeal2Heal going.
We are very happy to mention that Mr & Mrs.Karthikeyan had come forward to contribute 200 notebooks for the kids seeing our tweet.Today they are getting married and we would like to wish them the best journey in their married life.
We take immense pleasure in thanking our supporters Venkatesh,Muthumari Chockalingam and Ramkumar chinnaiyan for playing a important role in the contribution.
Very Special thanks to Nagarjun for helping in this event coordination from the beginning till the distribution.Thank you so much for putting in your volunteer efforts.Without you this wouldn't have happened.

01.05.2015 Worker's Day celebration 2015 - Madurai

 It was reeeaaally awesome as it used to be.So the evening started with our awardees coming one by one for the function. Had small talks with the volunteers and then we started the event by 5.30 pm. The specialties are endless in this event we would say. The KnH home boys helped us in setting up the stage and other arrangements quickly. In all events with CSI Pasumalai school we get energy from these kids. The special highlight will be the chief guest Mr. Ramanan, Auditor. He was from a less economic family then which turned to be the highly rich(in character and education) now. He is not only a Auditor, He is a good writer and a poet. Mrs. Ahalya, Managing trustee started with a casual talk about Zeal2heal,Worker’s Day Awards, Appreciating the workers and chief guest introduction. Followed by that Mr.Ramanan spoke about his life, appreciating one’s work and being positive in every situation. Then came the most awaited moment-Award distribution,A title –“Siratha Thozhilalar -2015” and Rs.1000 cash award. Each worker was asked to introduce himself/herself to which Mr.Ramanan added how each work is valued eg. When a watchman came and gave his introduction, Mr.Ramanan spoke about how much patience and alertness is required to be a watchman and also explained that a watch man is called so because his job is just to watch and nothing else as he is not given power to decide on the action to be taken. This made the workers feel great about the work they are doing. Finally Mr. Natarajan, guest visitor spoke about how planning is important to move ahead in life. He shared that three things help a person to be successful 1.Hard work,2.Efficiency and 3.Planning.He said all the workers have the first two but they under estimate themselves and do not plan. Finally the kids performed dance and stunt for the awardees.
So the event came to a refreshing and meaningful end with all the 12 awardees feeling really happy about their work and the appreciation their hard work had fetched them.So that’s what our team wanted. 

07.03.2015 - Dictionary Donation Drive for Sara School Kids

Zeal2Heal team has been training selected students of SARA MIDDLE School, Thirunagar [School students are from families were weaving is the basic source of income] in basic spoken English and soft skills for past 6 months and the journey will be continued till the goal is reached. The next session for them would be on 7th March 2015 in which we will train them to use a dictionary. What is the point in training if they don't have a dictionary for themselves?

Thank you so much Priyanka,Roopa,Deepa,Rathina,Arasi and Appu Ramkumar for your dictionary Donation.It is really a great help for us.Without you people we wouldn't have achieved 25 mini dictionaries and A big dictionary for the school. We take immense pleasure in mentioning that these friends have been supporting Zeal2Heal whenever help is needed.Thanks a lot guys.