Friday, 18 July 2014

01.05.2014 Thozhilalar Thina Viruthu[Workers Day Awards]

A great evening spent..A dream come true :)

Started 15mins late due to some technical issues.But finished 15mins early with lot of surprises..First was that all guests were on time!!!.Very enthusiastic audience.What a great feeling to know that 9/10 Awardees were able to feel the proud moment of their life.We Started with a brief introduction about zeal2heal association followed by in depth sharing about how and why this award function came into being which was followed by a worth listening and very energetic sharing about his own life story[success story] by one of our guests Mr.Mahendran,vishal computers and a Humble introduction and thought shared by Mr.Thangaraj,Vegetable Shop,Thirunagar. All these added value to the event.Then came the time for real action on a wonderful day meant for workers..Yesss

The AWARD CEREMONY..Every person was invited to collect their award while Mr.Gandhimathinatha,Zeal2heal was briefing why they deserve to receive it.All of us were delighted in the moment and were sooo into it that we actually forgot to capture it for sharing with all of u :(. 

All those who were elected were given a tiffin box as a token of appreciation for their hard work :)

In the process of trying to gather those photographs delayed to update in the page.Extremely sorry for keeping you all wait.

We were really on top of earth on May 1,2014.It is the event which reflected our true efforts. Mr.Gandhimathinathan really deserves all the credit to this event.his effort and contribution to this event fetched the huge rewards attached to it.

Also we could see lot of new friends and very our old friends whom we met years ago to be present in this occasion.Thank you guys,your presence was definitely very supportive .

09.02.2014 Communication Training for Boys Town Society

The children have requested our team to train them in spoken English. Considering their request our team has planned to give them training in spoken English as well as various communication techniques. This is a initial session conducted to assess the children’s current communication skills [Reading, Listening, Speaking and Understanding].These skills were assessed by conducting various activities. Based on the assessment results each child will be placed in a band level [1-5] and in the following sessions we will help them communicate better.

01.02.2014 Saturday First Aid Training For Zeal2Heal Team

What a Useful day it was.The First aid workshop started about 10.30 AM and lasted till 4 PM.There were about 10 of us who attended the session.Being a first aider is a gift  as it helps to save many lives.Knowing first aid not only helps to lend a hand in need but also prevents one from doing something that shouldn't be done.The session was as practical as possible with root explanations as to why to do and why not to do certain things.We were very greatly involved that we forgot to take more snaps .We suggest and request all of you to get to know the first aid techniques whenever you get a chance.This session we attended broke a lot of myths for us.It will surely be useful for you as well as people around you.Thank you Sathya Seva Committe for giving us a great opportunity to learn and save lives.

26.01.2014 Republic Day celebration

Very important day to feel proud about being Indian.This day is to be celebrated.:-)

Our Republic day celebration was with kids at Infant Jesus School, Ponmeni, Madurai.The school consists of 140 children and 6 staff. Following their school flag hoisting, we conducted few games for the children .Exchanged wishes and distributed chocolates and biscuits.We also gave away prizes to winners.The kids enjoyed the event.We are happy to share that this school is now part of zeal2heal club activities.

23.01.2014 2nd Anniversary celebration

Yahoooooo...very proud moment with lot of happiness is to be shared and celebrated.One such moment is our two years of success in helping those in need..long way to go though.We celebrated our anniversary in two orphanages that we have not visited before.One at Kadachanenthal Called R.K Child's Orphanage And the other at Thirunagar called Deepam blind's Home.
Good to know more children,which means more commitments this year.

18.01.2014 Health Issues Counselling

Health is wealth!! Being ignorant to health issues costs more.We felt the importance of such awareness in village areas.hence this event .Mr.Vijay Anand,Masters in physical health addressed a gathering of 100 girls ,about the importance of most prone diseases and reproductive health.The students opened up to him and also felt this was a certainly useful topic that has to discussed.We felt the session gave answers for many questions students had about health and hygiene.Our team members engaged another 100 girls to help them address a gathering,eliminating stage fear and assessed their spoken English and communication skills.