Sunday, 25 November 2012

11.11.2012 Dress Distribution,Anaikandanoor

This village(Anaikandanoor) is situated in Karur District, Kulithalai.About 60 families live in the village .We distributed dresses for 23 kids who live there.We identified the problems in the village eg. drinking water facility,Restrooms,education etc.Talked to their parents about the importance of education.We also made arrangements for better education.Two young boys,one doing engineering and the other doing +2 , volunteered to give extra coaching for the children.

Village entrance

Members at work

Children for whom dresses are distributed

Members interaction with the children

Mrs.Sakunthala giving dress

Mr.Ponsaravanan giving dress

Miss Abinaya giving dress

Miss Ahalya giving dress
Mr.Balamurugan giving dress

Discussion with the people 

Discussion with the people

Children wearing new dress

10.11.2012 Event At Hindu Nadar Govt.School,Chenampatti

                This is a Event conducted with the motive of bringing out talents of the kids and help them reach greater heights.There was essay writing,English and Tamil Speech,Drawing,Singing and  more.As a part of this event we could identify 15 poor children who are interested to study but unable to manage fee expenses.Also we paid fee for a Xth Std girl.We donated Diwali dress for a poor family.The children were so excited to participate in the competitions conducted.The head mistress for primary appreciated our effort and mentioned that no one had given them certificates as the proof of their talent.She also said it would motivate them to participate in more events like this.

Students standing for prayer song


Essay Writing

Fancy Dress

Memory Game


Speaking to a parent for her child's education

Panchayat President giving prizes

Asst.head Master giving prizes

Lasmi giving prizes

Group Photo

Deebika giving prizes

Giving diwali dresses to a less fortunate family